Our menu

From appetizers to desserts all the taste of Roman and Mediterranean cuisine
  • Little bundle (phyllo dough) with  bufala Campana  (cheese) with crispy prosciutto and basil cream
  • Caprese salad with chopped basil and Avols’s almonds
  • Smoked tuna mojama with sesame and poppy and  stracciatella di bufala (cheese) with the mint scent
  • Potatoes parmentier / gateau (pie) of potatoes on ground scottona (beef) and mozzarella
  • Catalana octopus with basil mousse  (potatoes, olives, tomato, celery, basil and red onion jam)
  • Sauté of mussels and clams
  • Selection of artisan cured meats and dairy products dop
  • Tuna tartare with taggiasca olives, puntarelle (variant of chicory) Cetara  anchovies with fennel scent

Our hand-made pastas  and  traditional dishes

  • Busiate  with tomato sauce and Roman guanciale bacon
  • Cannelloni with lamb  and saffron cream
  • Fettuccine with almond pesto and string beans with veraci clams
    Vegetarian or Vegan as well (no clams)
  • Fettuccine with truffle and stracciatella di mozzarella di bufala
    Vegetarian or Vegan as well (no mozzarella)
  • Fettuccine Venere  (almond pesto, shrimp, tomatoes)
  • Naples Lasagna
  • Risotto with scallops in vanilla  (vegetables, guanciale bacon)
  • Saffron risotto with parmesan mousse and caviar
  • Spaghettone  with mussels, clams, squid, shrimp, baby octopus, cherry tomatoes
  • Strangozzi alla carbonara
  • Strangozzi alla carbonara with prawns
  • Tagliolini with mussels, porcini mushrooms and pecorino dop
  • Tonnarelli  cacio (Roman cheese)  with three peppers and  lime
  • Tonnarello alla Norma (eggplants, salted ricotta and baby octopus)

Meat, fish and vegetarian

  • Crystal Lobster alla Venere with venere rice, mussels and clams  for 2 persons
  • Bass on the grill
  • Bass stuffed with ricotta, mushrooms, salted ricotta, thyme, parsley, pepper, garlic, bread crumbs and guanciale bacon strips
  • Eggplant Cutlets with zucchini-balls and almonds with  bittersweet and  salted ricotta
    Vegan as well (no salted ricotta)
  • Julienne of squid with guacamole and zucchini filangè
  • Millefoglie beef fillet with layers of smoked scamorza cheese and crispy vegetables inside on  cheese, pepper cream and guanciale bacon
  • Salmon “Cloud” (stuffed with vegetables in curry and breaded in poppy with velvety fennel)
  • Veal braised in barolo wine
  • Tagliata of fassone Piemontese  (cattle/cow)  with artichokes or porcini mushrooms and truffle scent
  • Sea bass “Tornante” with shrimps, shellfish and crustaceans bisque

Our Salads  (Chef’s Fantasy)

  • Salad Marina
    (Fried Squid and shrimp with bread croutons, crispy bacon, lettuce , and sauce Caesar – oil, lemon, anchovies, and egg yolk)
  • Valentina salad
    (Corn salad – valeriana, nuts, scrambled egg, stracciatella di bufala and avocado)
  • Nani salad
    (Mixed salad with grilled chicken, green beans, hard boiled eggs, boiled potatoes, olives, tomato and mozzarella, pink sauce with brandy)
  • Drowned broccoli (with garlic and chilli)
  • Chicory sauté with anchovies
  • String beans, potatoes and mint (retouched in the pan)
  • Oven-baked potatoes  in aromatic herbs
  • Tomatoes stuffed with rice
  • Wok crispy vegetables  (Cabbage, fennel, zucchini, celery, soy sauce, carrots, sesame and ginger)
  • Cheesecake with mixed berreis
  • Ricotta cheese cream with pears between two soft hazelnut biscuits
  • Tortino Della Nonna (pastry cream, and pine nuts) with nutella
  • Vanilla Pudding  (chocolate – caramel- wild berries)
  • Tiramisù
  • Chocolate lava cake with melted white chocolate and mint sauce

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