The history of Venus

Or the birth of the fountain of Venus

Many, many years ago, on a Greek island called Cinter, from the foam of the sea came the most beautiful of all women, the Venus Divine.
The most beautiful and whimsical of all, tormented by Zeus with his desire to bathe in the waters of the earth, but he did not want water from the sea, no, he wanted pure sweet water for her.
– Is that all-you say.
But any proposal from Zeus, she turned up her nose and refused indignantly, and turned away.
The river no, not even the stream, let alone the lakes.
The poor guy was desperate and did not know which way to turn to a saint or deity, and he became more and more nervous.
Hermes, who was the smartest of all and also had a good sense of taste, so much so that he created a fashion house, said to Zeus:
“I have an idea! I’m going to Rome to build a beautiful fountain, but so beautiful that people will come from all over the world to see.
You’ll see that they will be swimming for sure.”
“Maybe”, said Zeus, “if you can fashion it yourself it would be a great gift”.
And that is how Rome built the most beautiful fountain in the world, Venus was there bathing, and was so spectacular that all the Gods ran to her, and went to sit by the fountain.
Now lunch began and the Gods began to get hungry.
“I need to find a restaurant” said one, “Yes, but where will we find one?”
That day we were there, my partner and I, and we had the idea:
“Open a restaurant”, I said. “Small and cozy.”
He said “Oh my God, it will be an attraction!
And, what will we call it?”
At that time Venus got up from the water and looked at us with those sweet eyes, surrounded by the beauty of the fountain.
There, she decided the name – “The Fountain of Venus”.

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